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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Aftermath Closure

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They keys to proper Burmak care and feeding. Press the X button to launch a volley of missiles. Press the A button to mow stuff down with your machine guns. Press the B button to bash something.

A Corpser will come out of the wall to the left, and then vanish once again. Take out the troops it leaves behind.

You will see some boomers and some grinders coming at you. Take them down.

Some Reavers will swoop down in front of you.

Take out the Reavers as you move forward.

You will eventually some to a large gate. Press B to bash it in.

On the other side of the gate are lots of towers. Some of them have boomers hiding in them. Others have turreted chain guns.

Take them down with volleys of missiles. When they are all gone move forward.

After the towers, more Reavers will attack you.

There are some boomers off to the right, make sure they go down before you go further forward. Move forward a bit.

A Corpser will attack you here. Pound your B button to kill it.

A couple more Reavers will land in front of you here.

There is also a whole set of boomers off to the right.

When they are gone move forward and beat down the doors.

There is a grinder and a couple boomers beyond the door. Take them out as you come to them.

There are a bunch of towers and troops down here.

There are also some boomers off to your right hand side. Take them all down, and then continue forward.

There's a group of grubs ahead of you as well.

As you move forward you will have some Reavers land in front of you. There will be some more grubs to the left.

Eventually you will see a torture barge. Launch two volleys of missiles at it to take it down. Continue on.

There will be another gate you need to bash down.

Some Reavers will land in front of you. Take them out.

There are three large columns you need to take down. Shoot two or three volleys of missiles at each of them.

Every time you take one of them down, a large section of the roof will fall. When all three are gone, you will get a cut scene.

The Brumak you were riding will go lambent. Luckily you got off of it before it did.

Now you are riding the chopper, and you need to call in the hammer of dawn to take care of the lambent Brumak.

When you have called in the hammer of dawn you will get the end of the game cut scene.