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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive No Turning Back

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You are riding a cable car.

Reavers will come and try to knock it off of its cable. Shoot them to knock them out of the sky.

Your cable car will keep creeping forward. Another cable car will come out to meet it.

Take out the three grubs on the other cable car, and then hop over on to it.

There is a switch on this car that will cause it to move in the direction you want it to go.

Once again you will be attacked by Reavers. Shoot them as they come near.

When you are off the cable car, continue forward. You'll have to go a long ways before your next battle.

When you find it you will be facing a priest, some grubs, and a couple tickers.

Pull the switch that is in the middle of the floor to raise some barricades.

The tickers are really hard to see, because they hide behind the barricades and then blow up right on top of you.

The key to this is to take out the priest. When you see a ticker ready to blow up, roll out of the way.

There's a switch to pull on the path. When you pull it you will ask if you want to go left or right.

I always like the big guns, so I chose to go right. You are riding a lift with a troika gun. You get to provide covering fire for Baird and Dom.

Shoot everything that moves. You will go down floor by floor.

Each floor will have a bunch of locust on it. They will mainly be concentrating on Dom and Baird.

That makes for easy picking for your gun.

When you've cleared the last floor, leave the lift. Go forward and flip the switch so you can rejoin Baird and Dom.

In the next area you will be overlooking a bunch of grubs. There will be two boomers and one priest.

If you bothered to pick up one of the machine guns, the grinders were carrying this will be easy.

Go to the right across the bridge. There's a switch there that will drop their defenses.

Mow them down, and then go to the ground floor.

When you get to the center of the ground floor, a door will open revealing two grinders.

Take them out, and pick up one of their guns. How sweet, they brought you more ammo.

Move back to the main room, and through the door that opened there. You will walk down some stairs.

I setup my gun there and hosed the guys below down with my fire.

When most of them are dead, move down and mop up the ones that are left. Continue forward.

You will be attacked by two Mauler Boomers.

There will be a priest or two with them, along with a couple of grubs.

Lay in to the Mauler Boomers because there is not much distance between you.

Then take out the priest. Finish off the grubs last.