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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive Aftermath

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You'll be flying along with no shortage of things to shoot at.

Basically try to take out anything that is shooting at you.

Eventually you will land where a group of gears are trying to fight off a bunch of locust.

Blow apart the locust.

A Brumak will break through the wall nearby. Take him down.

Then it's time to fly again. Scourge’s pet who was blowing apart the bridge will be chasing you as you try to get away.

If he opens his mouth shoot him in the mouth. That will knock him off of your track for a little bit.

If he has the machine gun on his back shooting at you, shoot it to stop it.

He will also launch missiles at you. Try to hit them with your machine gun. They are very hard to hit. Sometimes you get lucky.

Evade him long enough and you will live to make it outside.

After you make it outside, you will be chased by a bunch of Reavers.

They are usually behind you, so I just stay on the machine gun.

Don't bother to aim, just hose them down with your spray and they will fall out of the sky. This is a pretty long ride, and they just keep coming. You might have to take out ten of them before the end.

Scourges pet end up chasing you again. He will come at you from behind first.

Use your chain gun on his head, as he gets close. It will blow part of his armor off.

He will swing around in front of you. Switch seats so you can launch some rockets at him. He will then go back behind you.

He will grab on to the back of your Reaver. Use your chain gun and shoot his arm. That will make him drop back a pace or two.

He will move in front of you again. Rocket him when he does.

Then he will swing back behind you and grab your Reaver with his other arm. When he does shoot his other arm.

Scorge will end up laying in a pile of rocks wondering what happened to his ride.