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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Aftermath Tenuous Footing

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You are on top of a huge sinkhole.

Walk over to the crane, and climb aboard.

You can move it to the left and down to pick up Dom.

He'll climb on. Swing it as far to the right as you can, and then drop him off on the roof top. He will run over and try to bring the other crane over to you.

It falls, but creates a ramp that you can use to join him. There's a sniper rifle close to where you entered this area.

Pick it up and start picking off the grubs that are by Dom. When the grubs are gone, cross over to him.

When you get there, a Mauler Boomer will attack. Take out his feet.

Then finish off the grubs that came with him.

When they are gone, a Reaver will attack with a couple grubs.

Take the Reaver down, and then finish off the grubs that came with the Reaver. Continue forward.

You will be met by a couple tickers followed by a grub with a flame thrower.

Take them down. Move forward.

There will be a couple more tickers along with another grub. Keep moving forward.

Grubs will start ascending the building. Take them out as they come up.

When you've killed enough grubs, the roof you are standing on will collapse. You will fall several stories, down to ground level. It's kind of like a one way elevator.

You will be attacked by several grubs here.

One of them will have a flamethrower. After you have killed them, gather the ammo that you need.

Then go down the ramp, and fight the grubs that are across the way. Don't spend too much time gathering ammo or Dom will kill the grubs without you.

Cut the cables holding the tower upright.

When you do this it will make a bridge across to the next rooftop.

When you are walking across it will fall, and you will end up at ground level.

You will come to a priest with a couple of grubs with him.

Take the priest down, and then finish off the grubs. When they are gone, climb in to the building in front of you.

There is a Burmak down below firing at the building. He will cause the building to fall.

After that you will be in a building on fire.

Get in the elevator. When the elevator stops, get out of it.

Run under the Brumak's fire, and around to its side.

You will find the Brumak's pilot running at you. Kill him. Now you'll be driving a Brumak.