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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Aftermath Desperate Stand

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You will start out in the courtyard. A Reaver will drop in. Kill it.

Follow your troops across the courtyard, and in to a building.

You will end up overlooking the platform you landed on.

A bunch of grubs will climb the platform. Take them out.

Another wave of grubs will make the platform. Take them out as well.

A Reaver will land on the platform. Guess what you get to do. Yep, take it out.

A chopper will finish everything off for you.

Follow your troops to the next section that is under attack.

You will be about level with another landing platform here.

Take out a couple of the grubs.

A Reaver will land. Take it out as well.

Finish off the grubs.

You will be called away to the next section. So follow your troops to get there.

You will be overlooking a bunch of grubs who are in the street below.

Behind you is an ammo dump, with a chain gun. Go pick it up. It makes this area much easier.

When you've killed most of the grubs, a chopper will come in and finish them off.

It's time to move to the next area.

You need to defend some satellite dishes in this section.

Get on the turret and start lighting up Reavers. You can hit them even though they are quite a ways off. Be sure to put as many shots in to them as you possibly can when they fly by. Every shot of damage seems to stay on them.

So even though they do not blow up when they fly by, when they come back by you might only need to shoot them with a couple bullets before they explode.

They are much easier to blow up when they are flying than when they land. So hit them in the air as much as possible.

You have to take them out when they land, or they will take down your comm array.

When you've killed enough Reavers move on to the next area.

You will be overlooking a large street. There will be lots of grubs approaching this area.

If you kept your machine gun, you will find plenty of targets here. Take out the grubs.

They will be followed up by two grinders. Take the grinders down.

When the grinders fall, two Brumaks will appear.

Walk up to the upper shelf where you entered this area at, and pick up the mortar.

Go down to the lower level, and fire the mortar at each of the Brumaks. Hold down the fire trigger longer to get more range on the mortar.