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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive Best Laid Plans

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Baird said he sensed an ambush, and he was right.

When you walk up to the door leading to the queen, it will close.

Several doors to hidden balconies will open.

Fire some shots at the enemy in the balconies.

Then walk over the switch in the middle of the barricades your men are using for cover.

The switch will close the doors that opened up.

Go back the way you came from and then to the right.

There are pressure plates that put up barricades when stepped on.

As you make your way forward, you will be attacked by a Bloodmount and two grubs.

Take them out, and then continue forward.

A locust lift will appear on your left side. Take out the two grubs that are on it.

Then pull the switch on the lift to ride it down a level.

Move forward past all the caged Bloodmounts.

You will be given a choice here. If you go left you will be supporting the guys in the fight. If you go right, you will be in the fight. I went left, but I should have gone right. I like to be in the thick of things.

First you will be attacked by two Mauler Boomers. Take them out.

Then a grinder will appear on a ledge above the room. Take him out.

Lastly you will be attacked by a Bloodmount. Shoot it in the head, when it attacks. Roll out of the way when it tries to claw you.

Okay, in the next room there is a switch. Step on it to let the guys on the ground floor through. If you are the guys on the ground floor, wait for the other group to open the door.

Pick up the ammo that is on the balcony, and then proceed down the steps.

You will meet grubs as you go down the steps. They will usually come at you in pairs of two or three.

They are pretty easy to take down. Do not let more than two of them get on top of you, or you will die.

There's quite a few of them on the way down, with the occasional ticker.

At the bottom of the stairs is a large room. There are a bunch of grubs down here along with a priest.

Go directly to your left, and take out the guy hiding there.

Occupy his hiding spot, and fire at anything that moves.

There will be some tickers heading your way. Blow them up as soon as you can see them.

Keep firing shells at the priest. Things get easier when he's down. Your guys should be able to handle the other side without you.

Just worry about this side. When you've killed everything in this room you will get a cut scene.