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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Intestinal Fortitude

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Ah great. We are stuck in a giant worm.

You need to avoid all the teeth. Time the first couple of teeth, so you run through them before they chomp.

You will come to large series of teeth that are chomping at different intervals. All you have to do, is to just run through them. Do not stop running.

If you stop running you will stand up and die. So just keep running and they will not hit you. It's not a matter of timing. Just keep running as you go through this group of teeth.

The next series of teeth have gaps big enough for you to fit in between them. So just wait until a tooth is starting to open, and then run through.

Then wait for the next tooth to open. Then run through. So on and so forth until you are beyond that set of teeth.

A little bit further on you will see a bunch of green creatures erupt from a hole in the ground. Kill them before they reach you. You'll get a cut scene about Carmine.

After the cut scene, Cole pisses off the worm. Stuff is moving inside of the worm, and you are going to have to run as fast as you can to get away from it.

Run down the path away from what's coming at you. Be sure to avoid the little white spikey things that line the side of the path.

Eventually you will come to something that looks like a giant butt hole. Shoot it to open it. Then run through.

Once again run down the path, staying away from the spikey things.

Next you will come to a membrane that you have to saw open with your chain sword.

Further down the path is another butt hole looking thing. Shoot it to open it.

Keep running down the path.

When you see your troops stop, look up. You will see a car. Shoot the car to make it fall. It will create a path across the white spikey things.

Now continue onward. You will come to one more membrane you need to cut. Cut it and you will be past this part.

Welcome to the worms stomach. You will see some sacks hanging from the ceiling. They spew green acid.

If you shoot them, they will stop spewing green acid. When they stop, you will have enough time to run by them. If you are low on ammo, take the path to the right. There is some ammo there. Then come back and start down the main path.

There are a whole series of acid nozzles. Just keep shooting them and moving forward.

Next you will come to a green misted area. It's hard for you to breathe in this stuff, so taking the right direction is pretty important.

At the first fork take a right.

At the next fork in the path take a Left.

You will come to an area that has three branches. Take the one in the middle.

You should be able to see a fairly well lit area now. Make your way to that area.

It's pretty much straight ahead.

You will find a membrane to saw through in this area. Saw through it to move to the next section. Continue forward.

You will get to a membrane you have to cut through.

Then you will see the first heart.

Go ahead and cut the two arteries. After they are cut a door will open. Move through it. When you cut the arteries to a heart, blood will start to pour out. You need to make it out of there before the blood gets too deep. It's pretty easy to do. Anyways, continue onward.

You will come to some more of the little green things that spring out of the ground. After you finish them off, continue forward.

Once again you will be attacked by the green things. They are pretty easy to kill.

Eventually you will come to another membrane you have to cut.

Alright you are at heart number two.

Cut the three arteries to it, and another door will open. Continue forward. You will come to a large room with the last heart in it.

As you enter the room you will be attacked by a group of the flesh colored creatures that come out of the floor. There's quite a bit of them. They seem to just keep coming, but eventually you will kill them all.

Go over to the heart, and start cutting away.

You need to cut all four arteries, to take out this heart.

When you are done with that you will get a cut scene ending this chapter.