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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Captivity

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The grubs have been taking your people captive. It's time to get a couple of them back.

Continue forward you will find a gear named Baird stuck in a cage.

Move forward a little further and you will find a couple grubs with a boomer. Take out the grubs and then work on the boomer.

Board the beast barge.

Shortly after you board the beast barge, a boomer will come down on a lift from above. Grab some cover and take him out. Then use the lift to go up a level.

Flip the switch to open the cell doors on this level. Go up another level.

You will find two grubs up here.

When you have taken them out, a Reaver will appear. If it hangs around long enough, take it out.

There is another switch close to the center of the platform you are on. Flip the switch to put the beast barge in to motion.

Eventually your beast barge will crash in to another beast barge. When it does board it, and start taking out the grubs on top of that beast barge.

Once they are done, go to the next level down. Flip the switch in the middle of this platform to release the prison cell doors.

You will get a large cut scene about Tai. After the cut scene, you will be back on the bottom deck.

Grab some cover because there will be quite a few grubs rushing you. When the ramp to the beast barge comes down, run up it.

Start taking out grubs as you can.

There is a boomer up here. Take him down, and then continue on your way.

Eventually you will come to another priest. Keep moving forward.

As you start to head down you will face a group of grubs.

There will be a couple of Bloodmounts that come with them. As always, kill everything in sight.

As you move forward you will come to another Bloodmount and a priest. Take them down and continue ever onward.

You will come to an area that looks like a burning city, and encounter a couple of grubs here.

As you move forward you will encounter another group of grubs.

They will be reinforced by a Bloodmount and a Reaver.

Keep moving forward. You will find two more grubs.

As you continued forward there will be another set of three grubs, with a couple of reinforcements. Go up the stairs of the building you are going to be using as a landing zone.

You will be rushed by grubs from all sides, with the occasional priest. So find a comfy spot and settle in.

When you've killed enough of the grubs, a chopper will show up and evac you out. Well it will try to evac you out anyways.

The chopper actually gets eaten by the giant worm.