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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Scattered

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Well you've made it in to the grubs network. Let's see what kind of havoc we can cause down here.

It looks like Carmine, the rookie, also made it down here. It's time to go find him.

Pick a path and walk forward. You will see grind lifts dropping in all around you. Just keep moving forward and looking for Carmine.

You will eventually come to some roots that you have to cut through.

On the other side of those roots you will see a bunch of grubs attacking Carmine.

Take them out and then go up to Carmine's grind lift.

You need to create a path through the wall here to get to where you need to go. There is a broken grind lift laying on its side, and you want to use it to cut a path through the rock.

Jack needs time to fix the grind lift and you will have to defend him while he works on it.

There are three or four emersion holes that will open up while Jack is working on the grind lift. Take out the waves of grubs that come your way.

About half way through the battle tickers will start to appear. If you can hit them while they are still close to the grubs, they will take a lot of them out.

When you've cleared all the grubs the grind lift will work and cut a path forward. Just walk up to it and hit X to activate it.

There's a squad of troops being attacked on the other side of the tunnel you just created.

Run to them and help them take out the grubs and tickers that are attacking them.

Close to the end of the battle two boomers will show up. Take them down as quickly as you can, because they can do some damage with those big guns.

Ahead is a really dark area. Some wretches will attack in this area.

Wretches are very small creatures who are pretty fast. They swing at you quickly, and die just as fast.

Wretches are all about hand to hand combat. The only thing that makes them difficult in this area is that you can't see them while you are standing in the dark.

Run from lighted globe to lighted globe. That way you've at least got some light, so you can target them.