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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Tip of the Spear Rolling Thunder

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You start this section off riding Betty, a vehicle for the gears.

If you look around there is a ramp that leads up to a heavy gun on a turret. Get on that gun.

Your job is to take out the mortars that are being sent your way. If you fail to do this you will be forced off to cliff to a fiery death.

After you take out the mortars, you will see a bunch of reapers heading your way. One will start attacking Betty from her left side. Use the heavy gun on it to take the reaper out.

Betty breaks down from all the damage she's taken from the mortars and reapers. It's time for Dizzy to fix her. You get to defend Dizzy while he makes the required repairs.

Go over to the barricades and get ready for a bunch of grubs.

There will be two emergence holes right in front of you.

After the second emergence hole appears, another friendly vehicle will appear. They will swing the balance of the fight in to your favor.

The grubs will try to flank you by climbing the ledge to the right. So take them out when they get up there. There will be quite a few grubs up on the ridge.

Keep taking them out until Dizzy says Betty is ready to go. When he says that a bunch of grubs will appear.

Run straight for Betty's ladder and climb on board. There are a couple ammo boxes and some grenades near Betty. You might want to pick them up on your way. You should once again be riding Betty.