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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Tip of the Spear Road Blocks

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Road Blocks. Well we'll see about that.

There is a door you can kick in directly ahead. There is plenty of ammo scattered around here, so fill up.

The area up ahead is completely infested with tickers. These little creates are like walking land mines. Luckily it only takes a couple shots to take them out.

If one gets too near you, it will start to shake. Just run away from it to avoid damage. Make your way forward while taking out every ticker that comes your way.

Walk outside of the room you are in, and across the street. There is a path that takes you behind a building and then back out in to the road.

You will have to cut through some boards that are barring your way to get back in to the road.

Once that is done you will be rushed by a bunch of tickers, so grab some cover. When the tickers are gone Betty will be able to move up. Continue onward.

At the top of the path you will be pinned down by two gun turrets and a bunch of grubs.

I position myself behind the right most barricade and take out as many grubs as I can.

Once the grubs have been thinned out, concentrate your fire on the gun turret on the roof in front of you.

When that gun has been taken down and the other grubs have been shot, a couple of vehicles will come up and take out the last gun turret.

Refill your ammo, and then follow the rest of your troops over a nearby wall.

Great a tunnel where you can't see the tickers that are coming at you.

Dizzy will eventually turn on the lights so you can at least see a couple feet in front of you.

You can barely see the tickers at all, but you sure can see the dust that their feet stir up. Put shells in to anything that moves, and you shouldn't have any problem taking out these tickers.

Slowly crawl your way forward as you are taking out tickers.

About half way through you will have to enter a side tunnel.

Two tickers will attack in that side tunnel. After that you will be back in the main tunnel taking out tickers as they appear.

Eventually the tunnel will get lighter, until you can see again.

When this happens a reaper will appear at the tunnel exit. Take the reaper out by empting clip after clip in to its head. It will eventually fall, and the tunnel will be clear.

There are mortars being fired at your current position, and Dizzy will not leave the tunnel until the mortars are taken out.

Here you are given an option, you can choose to proceed through a Hotel, or over a rooftop. I always figure a hotel will be a little bit safer than a roof top when it is raining mortars.

When you enter the hotel you will encounter a single grub.

Past that grub is a door that opens on to a balcony with three more grubs on it. Take out the grubs you encounter. There will be several ammo boxes scattered about.

If you look outside you will see the other team of gears taking out grubs on the roof top. Give them a hand by sending some bullets in to the grubs as the hide. Continue forward when they have been taken out.

There are two grubs in the next room.

When they have been taken out go outside, and kill the grub that is on the balcony there.

Grab one of the large guns laying about. A Brumak will appear from the tunnel.

Use the weapon you just picked up to take it out. That might take a couple of shots.