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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Tip of the Spear Digging In

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Well we get to protect the drill rigs, while they get to ready to send us to china.

Go up the ramp and take over the turreted gun.

Use it to take out the grubs that come out of the emergence hole. Stay on that turreted gun until you hear someone say something about boomers.

When you hear the word boomers, leave the gun and go down to the main deck.

Pick up one of the large guns there and start laying waste to the grubs.

Eventually there will be a couple Reavers that appear. You can hit the Reavers with the large gun by holding the trigger down longer to adjust its range.

Otherwise, you can take out the Reavers using your standard weapons. When you are done with that this section will be over.