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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Disturbing Revelations

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Walk forward.

You will come to a place that looks vaguely like some kind of temple.

There is a locust that looks like a priest up on the catwalk above. Shoot him until he comes out the doorway below.

Use your sniper rifle to shoot him until he dies. When he dies the grubs that are assisting him will run away.

There is a red glowing fruit on the ceiling. You can shoot it to have a worm come out, if you need more cover. I don't really bother with that. I just take down the main guys. Go through the doors that the priest and he wretches came out of.

You will be asked which path you want to take. I chose the left path.

There are some red fruit you have to shoot, I think there were three of them. I would assume that they are to bring worms out for your comrades below.

Once you do that you will face a ton of wretches.

I just fire up the chain sword on your gun, and take them out. They are pretty easy, and they can't hit you when you are chain swording one of their fellows.

When all the wretches are eliminated, pull the lever next to the door to open it.

There is a guy beyond the door that you will need to use your sniper rifle to take out. Alternatively you can wait for Dom to chain sword him when he gets to there.

Go down the ramp.

Take out the guy manning the gun emplacement.

There's another one of those flippy preachers along with a bunch of other grubs behind the barricades further down the path. Use your sniper rifle to take out as many of them as you can.

When the main guy dies, the doors will open up revealing some more grubs, along with a boomer. Use your sniper rifle to take the boomers head off. Finish off the grubs however you see fit.