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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Sinking Feeling

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Continue forward down the path.

You will see a collapsing building falling from above.

You will come upon a couple of grubs along with a Bloodmount. The Bloodmounts are really dangerous. Stay away from the front of them.

I usually attack them from cover, and hope they don't come around or over what I'm hiding behind. Just ignore the grubs and concentrate on Bloodmount until it is dead.

Then finish off the grubs.

After you take out the first Bloodmount, there will be a second one. Take the second one down, and finish off the grubs that came with it.

As you go further down the path, a Reaver will attack you. Take him out by shooting it in the head.

Continue on down the path. You will see a bunch of grubs coming down some stairs.

They will fire at you from across a gorge that they cannot cross.

Shortly after battle starts a Reaver will appear and attack you. Take out the Reaver. Then finish off the grubs on the far side of the gap.

When they are all dead a way across will magically appear. Proceed on to the choppers crash site. Just like Cole said you will be ambushed here.

Grab some cover, and start taking out grubs.

Cole will show up when you've killed enough grubs, and finish the rest of them off.

You'll start walking towards what looks to be tombstones of a graveyard. Take cover behind the tombstones.

A Reaver will drop in and start attacking you. Why do they always focus on you and ignore the other members of your squad? Ah well, shoot it in the head until it is dead.

As you walk further up the graveyard you will encounter a couple of grubs.

Next you will start to see some tickers coming your way. There is a bridge at the top of the graveyard.

When you cross it you will see one of those enemies that likes to flip away from your bullets. I've called them priests in the past.