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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Denizens Indigenous Creatures

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Okay we've encountered the stone worms. They eat the red glowing plants that are growing down here.

Shoot the orb so that it falls, and the worm will move to eat it. Basically every time you see an worm, there will be orbs nearby. Now continue on your way.

There is another worm and fruit up here. Shoot the fruit so that the worm moves out of your way. Stay away from the worms head, because it will attack you, if you get close to its head.

Your troops will split up to attack a grub barricade. There's a gun emplacement up ahead. Take it out as quickly as you can.

Once it is down the other grubs will fall easily. There will be a worm that comes out of the wall.

Use it for cover as you approach the gun emplacement. When the grubs are all dead, refill your ammo, and then climb the nearby ladders.

Up ahead, there will be another worm. Grab some cover behind it, because there is going to be a grub hole that opens up.

Take out all of the grub that come out of the hole, and then continue onward.

There are some snipers up ahead. Grab some cover and take the snipers out as you go.

After you take out the first two snipers, you will see a worm appear. Grab the sniper rifle, you will use it in just a bit.

Take cover behind the worm and work your way across the bridge. Keep throwing shells at the grubs across the chasm.

On the far side of the bridge you are on, you will see an explosive container you can hit to take the grubs out, if they are not already dead. The worm will move along the bridge, so you will have cover on the way across.

After you have finished those grubs off, your team will split up. Go to the left.

You will see some grubs moving down below. Take out as many as you can with your sniper rifle. Then continue up the path.

You will eventually come to a large barricade area totally overrun with grubs. There are two gun emplacements here.

Use your sniper rifle to take out one of the gunners.

Then move forward, and take out the rest of the grubs hiding behind the barricades.

When you do that a Reaver will appear. Take the Reaver out by shooting it in the head. There are some large doors that are about to open. Go to the gun emplacement, and get ready to man it. Take out the wretches that come towards you, then man the gun emplacement.

Use the gun emplacement to take out the two boomers. Refill your ammo, and move forward through the doors that opened.

There's a smaller grub barricade up ahead. Take out the grubs, and then jump on the gun emplacement.

You will see a large group of grubs besieging some gears down below. Use the gun to root out the grubs. Then continue on down the path.