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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Tip of the Spear The Big Push

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Betty is rolling through an area that is about to erupt with grubs. The grubs have grappling hooks and can climb up on to the deck.

Another vehicle has been overrun with grubs, and will end up coming right alongside Betty.

Grubs will jump from that vehicle on to Betty. The troops that are with you will end up taking them out.

The best thing for you to do is to run up and get on the main turreted gun.

Use this gun to take out as many grubs as possible, before they make it on to Betty.

You need to take out the driver of the rig that is next to you. Betty will eventually crash in to the glass that is protecting that driver and break it.

Use the turreted gun to take the driver out. The other rig will be forced off of the cliff.

The next section is full of Brumacks, creatures that look like large trolls with guns on their backs. The first one will appear to your left.

Hit it as often as you can in the head. Always shoot these things in the head, as those shots do the most damage.

The first one will square off against another friendly vehicle.

Another one of the Brumaks will appear aiming right at Betty.

Sink as many shots as possible in to it. It will eventually die.

Further down the path a large hole will open up on the ground. A Corpser, a creature that looks like a huge spider, will spring from it. When it lifts up its legs shoot it in the head a couple times to make it run away.

Further down the path will be another troll directly in your way.

Shoot it's head to take out its eyes. That way it cannot fire at you.