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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Jewel Store Job - Loud Version

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When the mission starts, get in the van with the others and drive to Vangelico's to trigger the loud version of the heist.


The GPS will show green dots on the map to indicate all the jewel cases, so leave nothing behind and do it quickly!

Midway during the heist, the store manager will walk out of the office, so point a weapon at her to make her get on the ground. Once the jewelry is all gone, get out of the store.

Wind through the streets following your comrades.

And keep an eye out for the tunnel located on the freeway.

Weave your way through the tunnels and staying close to the gunmen. When the boys reach the LS River, the perspective switches to Michael.


Reach the rendezvous point.

And then drive back to the safehouse to complete the mission!