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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Jewel Store Job (Smart Version)

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After the cutscene, get in the car and drive over to the waypoint near the jewelry store. Franklin will exit the car and he's tasked with tossing the gas grenade into the ventilation system.

Go to the waypoint on the rooftop and then toss a gas grenade into the vent across from Frank's direction.

Aim a little bit lower than the ventilation hole or otherwise Franklin will overthrow the grenade.

When the gas is inside, a cutscene will occur and the robbery begins!


Crack all 20 cabinets quickly to achieve the requirements.

"Once that's done, control is back to Franklin and he must use the motorcycle to get away from the Police. Follow the two gunmen and watch your speed!

Keep following the guys onto the freeway and down into to the tunnels. Swerve thru the tunnels to emerge out into the LS River where control switches to Michael in the van.


When the coast is clear, let the boys enter the van.

And then drive to the next waypoint...

...where Lester is waiting to complete the mission!