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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Walkthrough Level 4

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Then you will go to Grimmauld House, use the Four Points spell to know where to go.

You will need to go downstairs, there will be Doxies there, grab the potion behind them and throw it using the appropraite button, then attack them, Doxies are vulnerable only when the potion is casted.

You will then learn a new spell, select it from the Spell Wheel and use it.

Follow the Four Points spell and go upstairs, defeat the Doxies like before using the potion first.

Then go downstairs and find Kreacher.

Then go upstairs following the Four Points spell, there will be a Dementor there, use the appropraite button to cast the spell against Dementors.

Press the appropraite button to cast a Patronus spell.

Then follow the Four Points spell downstairs, and use any spell to hit Mundungus before he escapes.

After talking to Hermonie and Ron, they will leave.

You will need to do the Encounters to move on.

Use the techniques we learned so far to defeat the Encounters, they are pretty easy.