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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Walkthrough Level 1

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Using the appropriate buttons, aim at the enemy and press the appropriate button to cast a spell and knock them off their broom.

Lock on.

Cast the spell to knock them off.

After the fight in the air, the bike will land, you will again be attacked, use the same method to take them out.

Same thing in the tunnel.

The bike will then go airborne again and you will face the same enemy.

After the cutscene, Voldemord will appear and try to attack you. Lock on to him and cast the spell to damage him like the others, also watch out for the Death Eaters.

Lock on and fire.

Watch out for the Death Eaters, which are Voldermord's army.

After some time, the game will skip to a cutscene, and the Bike will warp forward and fall down.This is where level 1 ends.