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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 19 - Terminal Hospitality

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Make your way up the stairs. As you can see, there's one guard there. Sneak behind him..

Like this and go through straight.

Go to the locations as shown in the picture.

Through here to go there.

Why not change your clothes to a more familiar ones.

Now go to the main building.

Go to the second floor.

You've to go to the office which can be identified with the hitman logo.

The nurse will be suspicious about you. All you have to do is go outside and...

When she's not looking. Walk slowly to the door.

Take all items in the box.

And change clothes in the next room.

Now go to the basement. You can use the elevator.

In the basement, first thing to do is take the scalpel but a nurse inside that room know the real doctor. So, ...

How about turn off the light before going into the doctor's room? Go to the marked location in the picture.

Turn off the power.

Go back to the doctor's room and take the scalpel on the table.

After you got the scalpel, quickly go to the correct surgeon room. *Place might change. Please recheck.

Go near the patient, equip the scalpel and kill him. *Make sure his bodyguards not around.

Then, get away through the stairs.

Change to guard's clothes.

Then head for the exit.

Please ignore this clone. It's a trap. Just keep going to exit point. -end-