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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 20 - St. Petersburg Revisited

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In this mission, you dont need to bring sniper even though there's one sniper inside your locker. Just go to the surface.

Go here at the circled location.

Use the binocular to see the main building. It'll be nothing for now.

Then, go here.

Enter this building...

But you dont have to go up any floor. Just get out through the door in front.

Cross the road to the main building.

Enter the building using the main door.

Go up and turn right.

Use sneak mode before reache the door. Open it.

You'll see a hitman clone.

Kill him and take his clothes.

Get out from the building by walking like a boss. Dont run.

Keep going through the sewers.

Go to the metro station through the circled location.

To pass the guards here, just monitor your map and go when he's turn around. -end-