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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 21 - Redemption At Gontranno

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This is the final mission. No rank is given. So you can kill like a usual FPS game. Strategy: You can run directly to your weapon storage but to be more safe, take down one enemies.

Take his gun and move on to your storage.

Try not to waste ammo. :)

Now take any weapons you like for the final battle.

Enter the church through the main door.

Go upstairs for even more killings.

Take a look around and determine the position of snipers. Most of the snipers use Custom Rifle which can take your life with only a bullet.

Kill all the snipers and the first task will be completed. If not, make some noise but randomly shooting and they will come to you.

The next tast is to enter the confession box and ...

Shoot the metal piece until the final boss get out. Use pistol if the metal won't break.

Finally, try not to get shot. Your first bullet to his head can instantly put him to rest. -end-