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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 17 - Temple City Ambush

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Your first task is go to the local spy. Go to the location marked on the picture/map. *Make sure that no weird guard chasing you. Avoid him by using other route. Not this time to kill him.

He'll tell you where the agent Smith located.

Go to that location.

This agent will give you a camera to take the dead body of assasins.

Then make your way to that location shown in the map.

Enter the last shop (below the enemy on the map).

Slowly go up.

Kill him, take his clothes and weapon. Take the picture. Then...

Find a safe spot to shoot another assasin.

Throw the weapon and head back to the agent smith. Make sure no one following you.

For some unknown reason, the third assasin (that was labelled as civilian) will run to the agent smith place and shoot him. This will cause your mission fail. So...

Wait for him behind the door. You can prepare any gun or an anesthc.

When he opened the door, attack him! *anaesthetic: use at least 3 dosages for time to escape before he wakes up.

You can go to the exit location but there's a sniper (can be seen in the map). He won't trigger any alarms but he'll shoot you.

Enter the building and the escape is right there. Go near the carpet on the wall. -end-