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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 18 - The Death Of Hannelore

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Wait for a guard. He'll come closer and you should do your job. Kill him. Take his clothes. *Sometimes you've to restart (exit to menu and restart) mission because the guard use different route.

Enter the building through the door there.

Go to the Storage to grab a key. Be careful with guards over there.

You may need put him to sleep.

Then, go here to change your clothes.

Go to the second floor.

This guy can cause mess. Make sure you do your job quick. Or you may need to put him to sleep too.

Before entering the office, make sure you in sneak mode.

Sneak behind the doctor and kill.

You can also make she scared (obviously she'll run) and then kill her near the door. So that it'll be quicker to drag her body to the hide.

Now you're good to go. Before going to the exit point, ...

Change back to guard's clothes to avoid detection. -end-