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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 21: Taking out the Trash Vol. 3

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So here we are at the very last mission. Fly your jet and chase the plane that El Presidente is riding on. This mission is simple but you may have to repeat a couple of times due to miscalculations.

The idea is to get right above the passenger plane that the president is on , then leave your jet and land at his plane. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

You have to be very precise on how and when you leave your jet. First of all you must line your jet up with the plane. Then press F and jump off of your plane.

There isn't much room for error cause you can't grapple onto the large plane, so you really should land directly on top of it. Make sure that your jet is low enough so that when you jump, the travelling time won't be so long that the plane already left your landing area.

Once inside it's easy. Just kill off all of the Black Hand henchmen, they're a bit sturdy due to their armor. Just keep shooting and enter the door at the back of the cargo area.

The president will then jump off of the plane and you will have to chase him in midair. Utilize the W key while in the air to chase him.

If in case you dropped a lot faster than him, then press E and open your parachute to slow down and wait for him to get below you again.

Try to get as close to him as you can. When you're close enough the E button will appear, but it will be to plant explosives instead of for the parachute. It doesn't matter if you're above or below him. Press E and the ending cutscene of the game will play. You get to watch the president go boom!