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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 17: Dismissed Without Honors

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You can't call for an extraction or a heavy drop while you're in the city, so steal a car and head over to the mission marker.

You'll find the usual white trailer, parked at the side of the shore. Get your mission briefing and this time you're assassinating another cop.

Call in for a heavy drop and use the Gyrochopper. Fly to the mission marker and Sheldon will call you to meet with the Riojas. The mission marker will move to the end of the street.

Land on the empty lot and speak to the lady leader of the Riojas, then follow her to the police headquarters and start killing all the cops that are there.

There is a large white gate on the left side of the street, place a timed bomb and run. Wait for it to explode and go inside the prison.

Kill the blackhand members and take their guns, these are by far the most powerful machineguns in the game. It can kill almost anyone within 2-3 shots at medium to far range.

Head over to the back of the plaza and climb up the stairs on the left side of it, then enter the prison complex.

Follow the first path then turn left at the branch and enter the only open door at the end of it. Now follow that path and you'll find Esperanza's holding cell at the very back.

Escort Esperanza through the prison complex and you'll meet-up with the Rioja lady on the stairs. Climb down and get inside a car, make sure that it has a mounted gun on it.

Run after Carmonas and leave the shooting to the Rioja lady. She'll start shooting at Carmonas' car as soon as he's within her target range.

You only have to do this until his car catches fire, then wait for it to explode and the mission will end.