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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 13: I've Got the Power

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This is one of the more difficult missions. It literally took me hours before I realized that there was a better way to do this than just being a muscle head and charging in. First call for a heavy drop and take the car, then head over to the Island.

When you get there, try to destroy as much enemy vehicles as you can before they set your car on fire. Also make sure to ignore those red dots on the map near the bridge. Those are missile launchers and they shouldn't be a problem if you're not on a plane or chopper.

If your car explodes, steal either a military jeep or heavy plated transport car and drive up to the power plant. Try not to get hit too much, you'll need the HP.

Get to the power plant, start killing soldiers and wait for a chopper to appear. When it does, use your grappling hook and steal the chopper, remember that you're practically a shooting target when you're trying to hi-jack the chopper, so kill the nearby soldiers before you do it.

Now that you have a chopper, equip the missiles and start shooting them at each of the three power plants. Make sure to aim the crosshair at the exact place as where the red arrows are pointing.

After destroying the 3 plants, you'll get a new mission. Head over to the western part of the island and you'll find a large arrow pointing to another facility.

Destroy any chopper that is surveying the area and descend towards the facility. You need to keep descending until you get a new mission requirement and that is to blow up this place.

Go around the plant and you'll see the arrow pointing behind the red circular structure just above the net. Throw a missile at it and Sheldon will tell you to get the hell out of there.

Quickly fly the chopper towards the small island nearby and a cutscene will play, ending your mission. I really don't recommend doing this mission without stealing a chopper. It's ridiculously hard.