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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 12: Love is in the Air

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Once again call in for an extraction and you'll find these lazy bums sitting around a campsite. Sheldon will ask you to check on a "Medical Facility."

Take the chopper nearby and fly to the mountains. Keep high cause there are unmanned missile launchers around the area.

Find a good place to land within the medical facility and trust me this is an annoying mission. Place a beacon on the highest roof of the facility and leave your chopper here, then go down to he next beacon dot.

Shoot down all of the soldiers that are guarding the area, then head up the stairs on the left side and place a beacon at the designated area.

Then climb up the hillside and hitch a ride, follow the path that leads up to the side of the mountain to get to the third point.

Head inside the enclosed area at the top of the hill, then eliminate all the soldiers and climb up the ladder before more of them spawn.

Place the last beacon in place and you'll get another call from Sheldon. Now you have to destroy the bombs, but they will activate before you can do anything.

Head over to the end of the path and you'll find an inclined plane, use it to quickly get down to the ground.

Grab a car if you can find one, walking is acceptable too. Go down the hill right in front of the missiles and you'll find a small building.

Kill the guards, head inside and activate the console. Sheldon will tell you to quickly get the hell out of there.

Leave the room and head over to the open side of the hill. A cutscene will play before you can jump and the mission will be over. Just Cause missions are simple, but can be extremely difficult sometimes.