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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 10: Field of Dreams

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Call in for an extraction and you'll be taken to San Mateo. The Rioja wants your help again.

Head inside the party area and go around to the left side of the bar to find the Rioja leader's wife. She'll ask you to destroy some Coca fields that belong to the Montanos.

Leave the area after speaking to her and you'll find a chopper just outside the fence. Take the chopper and fly to the destination marker.

When you get close, open your map and head towards the black dot that's within the star in this picture, cause circles are too mainstream.

Descend and you'll find a smaller chopper. Yes, it's smaller but better cause it has rockets. Take that chopper and mouse wheel down twice to equip the rockets.

Head over to the coca plantation and descend low enough so that you can see the green plants where the arrows are pointing at and start shooting missiles at them.

Every time you destroy a field, you'll get a call informing you of how many there are left or that it has been destroyed. If you don't get the call or the arrow didn't disappear, then reposition yourself and go lower to see if you've missed any of the plants.

After destroying 3 fields, a chopper will come and attack you. Quickly destroy it before it has a chance to destroy your chopper or you'll have a bad time doing this. 1 shot from your chopper should be enough to take it down.

Destroy the three remaining fields and head back to where you met with the Rioja. Do not that there are other ways to do this mission, there's a chemical plane north of the field and a chemical truck in some of the fields. This is the easiest way, but you can try the other methods if you want to.

You don't even have to leave your chopper, just descened near the marker and a cutscene will start, ending the mission.