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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 6: Good Cop, Bad Cop

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For this mission, don't drive. Actually, never drive it's too annoying. Press M and select "Extraction," then select the very top option, which is briefing. Wait for the chopper to come pick you up and drop you off at your destination.

Swim across the water and enter the small shack on the other side to start the briefing. It's not an agency job this time.

Your target is close to you and this mission is extremely easy. Either steal a car or walk towards the end of the nearby street, then jump in the water. You can also steal the red boat parked near the shed if you want to.

Make your way to the yacht that's floating at the center of the water and climb up the stairs on the left side of it. Ready your gun before climbing the stairs.

Your target will be standing near the center of the deck. Kill him and a cutscene will play.

Jump off of the right side of the boat and head towards the Kane, ride the speedboat from the back to use the mounted gun on it.

A chopper will soon be on your tail and this time it has rockets. Don't be intimidated by it, since Kane is driving you're less likely to get hit. Just keep shooting at the chopper until it goes down.

Then protect your boat from enemy controlled ones and get to safety. The mission will end afterwards.