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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 3: Freedom Fighters

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Get back in your car and start driving towards the mission marker on your map.

When you get there, approach the rebel that's standing near a box of ammunition. Refill your ammo, then talk to him to start your mission. If you're having a hard time looking, he's marked by a green exclamation point on your map.

This mission is really easy. Follow the rebels and gun down any cop that you see until you get to the first barricade.

Throw some grenades at the barricade and keep throwing them until you've completely destroyed it. You have to destroy the barricade or else the mission won't continue.

Keep following the rebels and destroy every barricade on the way until you get to the flag. Approach the flag and press E to "liberate" this area and finish the mission. It's like King of the Hill easy mode.

But we're not done yet. This is a two-in-one mission. Open your device by pressing M and select heavy drop. Select the dirt bike and wait for a chopper to drop your package, ride on it and head to the next mission marker.

Speak to the rebel that's standing near some ammo crates and he'll give you some C4 explosives. Now follow him and start killing cops.

Equip the C4 explosives and approach the barricade, then press the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to plant it. Turn around and keep a wide distance between you and the bomb. Wait for it to explode, then do the same for the other barricades.

These are timed explosives, so you don't have to click anything. You just have to wait for them to explode. Head for the flag and change it to liberate the town and finish the mission.