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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 7: Some Like it Hotter

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Call in for an extraction and get your mission briefing, then call for a heavy drop and choose the Agency GP vehicle. Use the car to get to the mission marker.

When you get to the destination, Durango's limo would have already left the base. Chase him and perform a stunt to get inside the car. You'll then receive a call from Sheldon that Durango is no longer in the limo.

Get back in your car if it's still in one piece, if not then steal a military car. The jeep type ones are the fastest although not very sturdy.

This mission is simple, but difficult. On your way up to the volcano, you'll have to take on a constant barrage of military vehicles trying to kill you and when it gets dark you risk the additional problem of falling off of cliffs.

However there is no other way up other than driving or risking your life to try and steal the chopper that's shooting at you. The chopper would be easier, but it's extremely difficult because you're in the mountains.

When you get to the top, leave your car and just slide down the side of the hill for safer passage. If you bring the car then you'll have to go around the path.

Get down to the Volcano and chase down Durango who will try to run from you. Keep chasing him, sometimes he goes up the side of the mountain and gets stuck in place which makes it easy for you to kill him.

This is an example of him trying to run up the mountain side. You can't follow him up there, but you can shoot him from the ground. The mission ends after you kill him.