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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 9: River of Blood

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Call in for an extraction and speak to Sheldon who's once again lazying around on the shore. He'll give you a mission to check on a drug route.

Look near the shore and you'll find a black agency boat, use it and start heading to the destination marker.

You'll find a train loaded with missiles and Sheldon will ask you to destroy the train before it gets to the tunnel. Don't go down near the back of the train. Take the boat all the way up river near the tunnel and drop from there.

Also if possible, don't lose the black agency boat since it's sturdy and fast. Swim to shore and stand near the train, you should have a view of the tank closest to the tunnel.

Destroy all of the missiles. After destroying the first one you shouldn't have a problem destroying the next two since you're near the tunnel and can destroy the one closest to it first.

Watch out for the Blach Hand and escape from the area after destroying the third missile. The white boat closest to where you are is too far from the water to be used, and that's why you shouldn't lose the black agency boat.

If you lost or your boat got destroyed, take one of the Black Hand ships that are parked nearby. These ships are a lot slower than the white speedboats, but they are a lot sturdier.

Take the boat around the water line and don't stop moving. A lot of boats and choppers are right behind you, that's why you shouldn't use the white boat. 1 missile is enough to destroy those Jaegers.

When you get near the destination marker, slow down. You'll have to turn right here and enter into an inlet to get to the safe house and end the mission.