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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 11: Broadcast News

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Call in for an extraction then get inside the trailer for a mission briefing. This time it's another bodyguard mission concerning the leader of the rebels.

Take the beach bike nearby once you've finished with the briefing. If it's not there then just call in for a heavy drop and get the car, then head to the mission marker.

Talk to Caramicas when you get there and he'll ask you to protect the news station while he broadcasts his speech to the people, then follow him to the building.

Start shooting down anything that isn't a rebel and moves, then escort Caramicas to the front entrance of the station. Now you have to protect the station while he uses it.

Follow the rebels to the left side of the building and start shooting the soldiers that will attack from that side. Sheldon will always tell you where the soldiers will attack.

After cleaning the seaside entrance, head back to the main entrance and kill the soldiers that are attempting to get in from that side.

Head back to the seaside entrance after killing all of the soldiers at the front entrance, then you'll have to protect the back entrance.

To get to the backdoor, turn right from the seaside entrance and get to the left side of the building. You'll find a watchtower there. Shoot all of the enemies that will attack and Sheldon will ask you to destroy the antenna.

Turn around and you'll see a large antenna behind the news station. Go down there and kill the guards, then plant either a timed or triggered explosive at the red marker.

I would suggest that you use the triggered C4 so you have enough time to get away from it before it explodes. The mission will end after you blow up the antenna.