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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 14: Guadalicano Choo Choo

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Since you're probably low on health, I would suggest for you to get to a safehouse and replenish both your health and your ammo before calling in for a briefing extraction.

When you get to the "Briefing Site" there's nothing there but red smoke. Approach the smoke and press E to interact with it.

Kane will soon fly in with an agency chopper. Ride the chopper from the passenger side to receive your mission briefing. Yes, you get to pilot the chopper.

Equip the rockets and head for the train that's marked on your map. This isn't a hard mission, nor is it a long one. The basic idea is to just blow up that whole train.

Get close enough to allow the auto target to work and start bombing the train. Eventually some missile launchers will start shooting at you from inside the train.

Sway your chopper left and right to avoid getting locked-on by those SAMs. You should be able to pull through nicely by doing this.

After the train is destroyed the Kraut will attempt to escape, all the while calling you an ugly troll. Ignore the choppers and just keep blasting the Kraut's chopper as soon as you can and as fast as you can.

I'm not sure but it seems like there's a bug where the Kraut's chopper gets stuck at the bottom of the bridge. This made the mission a lot more difficult as that means that you're gonna have a harder time avoiding incoming missles.

What I did to make due with the bug was to ascend and descend while randomly going left or right. This would make it harder for the choppers to hit you while you're blasting rockets at the target.

Your chopper only needs to last until you've destroyed the target chopper. Once you've destroyed it you'll be safe, just make sure you don't stop moving until the mission officially ends or you might get hit by a rocket and die before it completes.