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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 15: Some Enchanted Evening

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Call in a chopper for extraction and get your mission briefing. This time you'll have to kill El Presidente's two sons who are at an airport.

Take the agency car near the tent or if it isn't there, steal a bike from the road that's nearby and use it to follow the chopper.

There are 2 ways to steal that chopper; the first is to steal it while it's flying on the air or if you weren't fast enough to do that, you can follow it and wait for it to land at a nearby estate then kill the pilot and steal the chopper.

After taking the chopper, head over to the destination marker which is at the airport. Make sure to equip the missile launcher of the chopper before landing at the designated spot.

When you've lowered the chopper far enough, Kane will contact you. Ascend the chopper again and move towards the left side of the tents. The targets should appear on the right side of the last warehouse.

Shoot them with a missile for an easy kill, then start further ascending you chopper and quickly fly off to the safehouse.

Don't bother with the enemy choppers, just keep heading for the safehouse. The enemies will have a hard time shooting missiles at you anyways.