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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 18: Sink the Buccaneer

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Call in for an extraction and replenish both your health and supplies before heading out to this mission.

Talk to Sheldon who's relaxing at the beach with Kane and he'll ask you to destroy El Presidente's personal ship which has nukes in it.

Call in for a Gyrochopper and fly it over to the small military base that's marked with your destination marker. Land the chopper inside the fence as there is no other way inside.

The first key can be found near the entrance, between two green military tents.

Turn right and head for the warehouse furthest from you, you'll find the second key inside it.

Leave the warehouse and turn right once again. Keep walking until you see the L shaped house at the far right side of the military base. The key is sitting near its corner.

Now quickly get back to your Gyrochopper and get the hell out of there before all those military vehicles shoot a missile at you.

Don't land on the port, just go around to the right side of the ship and avoid those large towers that have missile launchers on them.

Don't bother landing your chopper, just head over the ship and drop down on it. Make sure you don't land on the water after falling.

The first target is on the deck of the ship. The container is closed, so place a timed bomb there to pry it open, then interact with the bomb to use the key.

Take the path on the right and you'll soon find the second missile. Enter the code, then proceed to the back of the ship.

The last missile is at the very back of the ship, place in the code and the timer will start running.

Equip your grappling hook and shoot it at the chopper that's shooting at you. The mission will end as soon as you leave the ship.