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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 16: Streets on Fire

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Call in for an extraction or use that sweet new mini chopper that's available for heavy drop. It's faster than those larger choppers, but there are no weapons and it's fragile.

Land on the large alley that connects to the main street and you'll find Sheldon walking around in front of a small restaurant. This time you are going to perform a heist.

Find and steal a car or if you used the gyrochopper, then use that and follow the mission marker on your map.

Once again there are two ways to do this: either chase them fast enough to steal the car before they get to the bank or let them get to the bank and chase them the way back then steal the car.

I did the second option and had to chase the car around. While chasing it, make sure that you're in a long straight street and go into Stunt Position, then jump and fire your grappling hook at the target vehicle.

Once you have the vehicle, start driving it over to the destination marker but be careful cause a looooot of enemies will be on your back.

When you get into the long street, take a left on the street before the last and turn right to get to the underground parking lot and end the mission.