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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 19: Taking Out the Trash Vol. 1

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We are nearing the end and this is seriously the hardest mission in this game. Call in for an extraction and make sure to get full health and restock your ammo.

The chopper will drop you near the shore, approach the white arrow marker and interact with it to call for the mission chopper.

Kane will contact you from the chopper and tell you what your mission is. The chopper will then stop midway and you'll have to drop off and use the Jaeger boat.

There are a lot of ways to do this mission. You can take the Jaeger to the island, although you'll probably get killed from the barrage of missiles, not to mention how impossible it is to get to the palace from the ground.

If you want to get a taste of a real battlefield where the possibility of you getting killed by rogue missiles is around 70%, then take the land route and walk your way to the palace. Yes, I would suggest walking. Taking an enemy vehicle is likely to get you killed within a milisecond of it as you're a sitting immobile duck while you're trying to get the car in gear.

But if you want to finish this mission the easiest way, then get on the Jaeger and turn around. Head back to the shore you came from and head for the lighthouse nearby.

Stand around and wait for a chopper to pass. Make sure that it's either a military or blackhand chopper that has missiles on it.

Ascend as high as you can and keep away from the lower area, you should be okay if you're passing through the clouds. Head straight for the presidential palace.

When you get to the palace, descend but don't stop swaying from side to side as you're likely to get bombed. When the target tank appears, start shooting missiles at it until it's destroyed.

Keep flying your chopper and head over to the mission marker that's on the tallest mountain in the area.

Kane will call off your chase and ask you to come to the beach. Follow the mission marker and land on the small runway near the shore.

Approach the mission marker where the red arrows are pointing at and press E to start another connected mission.