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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 8: Brothers in Arms

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Call in for an extraction, then speak to Sheldon after landing on the beach for a briefing. Your mission is to once again help the rebel group in making a weapon purchase.

Kane will arrive at the shore with a chopper, take the chopper and fly it to he mission marker. You should practice flying a chopper, it'll help for the later mission.

When you get to the destination marker, land the chopper and exit it. Speak to Esperanza and she will further explain the mission.

Get in the car and start driving towards the next destination point to meet with the weapon dealers.

So you got tricked. Turn around and you'll find Esperanza already at the wheel of the car. Go behind the car and man the mounted gun.

Shoot down everything that gets in your way and let Esperanza do the chasing. Don't bother with enemies that are behind you, the gun can't turn anyways.

When you get close enough to Sanchez's car start shooting at it until it smokes, he'll then exit the car in an attempt to escape. Quickly shoot him down with the mounted gun to kill him and end the mission.