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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 5: Test of Loyalty

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Steal a car and start driving towards the shore, you'll find a house that belongs to the boss of the Rioja and he has some work for you.

Once you've spoken to the Rioja, take the car parked outside or any car to your liking and head to the Montano's rice plantation. Keep driving your car and ram it to the entrance of the silo area.

Inside the enclosure, turn right and enter the center of the silos. Place a C4 bomb in the red marker and make sure that you use the triggered bomb, not the timed one.

Leave the first silo for now and start heading towards the far left corner of the enclosure, change your equipped weapon to your guns.

There are 2 watchtowers at the side of the enclosure, near the silos. Shoot down the Montanos that are manning the mounted guns before proceeding towards the second silo.

Then approach the silo and place another triggered bomb on the red marker. Then run back to your car and drive out of the enclosure, make sure to maintain a good distance.

Equip the remote trigger and press the LMB to detonate the bombs. You'll receive a call from Kane, who will ask you to steal a truck from the Montanos.

Get back in your car and start driving towards the destination marker. You'll find a truck inside a shed that's full of crate. Take this truck and get out on the streets.

You have to get the truck to the destination with at least 2 boxes left. You'll have to take shorcuts to do this. Use the forest areas around the streets to cut corners.

Drive the truck inside the Rioja storage house to finish the mission and gain the Rioja's trust.