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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 1: Devil's Dropzone

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The prologue starts by you, Rico Rodriguez, jumping out of an agency plane and sky diving towards the ground. Press WASD to control yourself in the air and press E to open your parachute.

Manuever yourself in the air and try to land as close to the shore as possible. Deploy your parachute just around 50-70 meters from the ground to get down as fast as possible.

Once you're on the ground, a gun fight will take place. Equip your double guns and start shooting at the soldiers. You can press the Right Mouse Button (RMB) for more precise shots.

During gun fights, I would recommend that you do not stop moving. This lowers the chance of you taking bullet damage. Although enemies don't do much damage to you this early in the game.

Finish off the rest of the soldiers, then follow Sheldon to the car. Make sure that you're behind the car, then press E to use the mounted gun.

Sheldon will start driving away from the shore and military vehicles will be right behind you. Just Cause has a semi-automatic targeting system, you only have to point at a general direction and the gun will automatically lock-on to the closest enemy.

Shoot anything and everything that goes after you. You're going to have to keep this up until Sheldon hits a barricade.

When you get to the barricade, climb down the car and start shoot the soldiers that are hiding behind the barricade.

Kill all of the soldiers, then move back a little and start shooting the red barrels right beside the bulldozer until it explodes. Wait for Sheldon to park just beyond the barricade, then approach the car from behind and get back on the mounted gun.

Shoot down the military vehicles that are right behind you and soon a chopper will be on your tail. Shoot down the chopper and if it gets too far for the automatic targeting system, you can manually target it and start shooting. You can still hit it although your hit chance will be a bit smaller.

Stop shooting once you're on the bridge. The enemy military won't be after you anymore and you'll soon be safe in the agency camp.