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Just Cause Walkthrough Mission 4: The San Espirito Connection

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After the mission turn left and keep following the branched path. You'll soon find the white exclamation point, head over there and get a mission briefing.

You will receive a grappling hook after the briefing, you'll be using this later. Replenish your health and ammo, then either steal a car or drop a bike. I would recommend the bike since it's faster.

Before you get on the bike, make sure that you have the grappling hook equipped. You can't change your weapon while you're on a vehicle so keep that in mind.

When you get to the designated place, your target will leave the area. Chase him and keep yourself close, then press F and shoot the grappling hook at his car.

Once you're on top of his car, press E and he'll jump off. At this point, leave the car and shoot him down to proceed to the next part of the mission.

You can either take the target's car or continue riding your bike and head over to the destination marker to meet up with the Rioja.