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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Birds Eye View

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Run up to the cliff for a chat With Carlos and a cut scene.

Continue down the path and the team will be ambushed.

The ambush party will miss with the signal flares. Keep following the path past the mounted gun. At the waterfalls you can either rappel down and kill the sentry, or you can shoot him from the top with your silenced USP.

At the bottom of the waterfalls, to the left is a hut full of soldiers.

Walk close to the hut and shoot the soldiers.

If any make a run for the cliff kill them before they get a signal flare off. Behind the hut will be more soldiers.

Past the soldiers behind the hut, to the right is a high area.

Looking down is a rope bridge and another hut.

Shoot the barrels near the mounted gun.

Make sure that if any soldiers run for the cliff to kill them. Clean up the rest of the soldiers.

When the soldiers are dead, head back a bit and take the path down to the rope bridge.

Past the hut is the path down. At the bottom of the path is the village.

Run in to the house.

Run up to the window and start killing the soldiers.

Head back out the house and around the houses right side.

Kill any remaining soldiers. As you come around the house there will be a second jeep father down the path.

Kill the soldier manning the mounted gun.

Go past the jeep to a bridge. Look to the right and shoot a soldier on a smaller rope bridge.

Rappel down from the bridge. Follow the river to the cliff edge.

Start picking off the soldiers below.

When Carlos says a jeep is fleeing, shoot the jeep until it explodes.

Rappel down in to the village and clean up any remaining soldiers. At the other end of the village is a bridge.

When the team reaches the bridge the mission ends. This will bring Kane and Lynch to mission 14.