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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Choice

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A few notes about this mission. The first is that you cannot be revived in the beginning part of this mission. Second, the first part of this mission is a rail shooter. I mean that the AI drives the jeep while you shoot the turret. In this part of the road, you must clear the path of soldiers and jeeps. So they don't hurt your jeep.

When you get to the airstrip, your job is to shoot the guard towers before they fire rockets at you.

When the jeep comes at the plane shoot the two engines on the plane. The jeep will then go around to the back of the plane.

After the plane stops, you must clear the area of the remaining soldiers.

Be careful not to shoot Jenny, by shooting short bursts. Edge closer to the plane while you are aiming. When you can see feet start shooting. There are four soldiers in the cargo area.

In the door to the back of the plane is Jenny and the younger brother. Shoot the brother until he dies.

When the area and plane are clear, run to Jenny for a cut scene.

Now you can choose to leave with Jenny in the helicopter, ending the game. You can do this by walking to the helicopter.

Or to save your men by heading down the stairs to the village.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the Last mission.