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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough El Capitol

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Walk forward in to the courtyard. Take cover behind a pillar.

Shoot the soldiers. There are some on all three floors.

When the soldiers are dead, go down the walkway to the left.

At the corner got to the right through the room.

Go out the door and around the corner to the right.

When you get to the door, inside will be a soldier behind some sandbags.

Climb the stairs up to the top.

Go out the doors and to the right.

At the corner, turn to the left and go through the room.

Follow the walkway to the end and go to the right through a door.

Run up to the barrels and take cover behind them.

Kill the soldiers up here on the roof.

Go to the back left corner and take out the BTRs. Use the nearby RPGs.

Once the BTRs are out of the way the helicopter returns.

There will be a soldier that pops up on a roof straight ahead from where you entered the roof.

Now it's time to take out the helicopter. Hide behind something on the roof. Wait for it to shoot at the roof. When it is done in your area pop out and launch the RPG. Rinse and repeat.

When the Hind is destroyed your tank can move up. Grab a gun and then rappel done to the ground.

Once on the ground, round up your team. Then head to the left side of building.

Hide behind anything you can find, like a stone pillar.

Kill the soldiers that come out of the building.

When the area in front of the building is cleared, run up to the building.

Go through the arch and then climb the stairs.

At the top of stairs may be some soldiers. Turn to the left and go down this hallway.

When you go through the door a soldier armed with a RPG jumps out and misses you. Make sure he doesn't get a second chance.

Follow the hallway to where the RPG man was, and then go to the right. There will be a hole in the wall.

There will be two soldiers on the other side of the hole.

Jump over the fallen pillar.

To the left will be some open doors in to a circular room.

When you enter the room head to the right and take cover behind the stone.

There will be two gun mounted turrets in the room. There will be one on each side.

Pop up and take out one turret.

Pop up and take out the other turret.

When the turrets are done the barricade at the end of the hall will explode. This will open the way to the next area.

Go to the door. Follow the blood trail.

Kill the masked gunman.

A cut scene will begin when you get near his body.

Go in to the room and to the right.

Follow the short hall and enter the room at the end.

Kill the soldiers in the room.

Once the room is cleared, the mission is over. This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of mission 12.