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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Tokyo Streets

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Exit the elevator.

Take the stairs down and walk for the door.

A cop at the door will start shooting.

Take cover behind the pillars and shoot the cops.

Once the cops out front are dead Kane will talk to the driver. Proceed to the right down the street.

Go from car to car. Kill the cops as you go.

There will be a sniper on the sky bridge. He will be on the right side of the sky bridge.

As you pass under the sky bridge, a crew member mentions a sniper on the overpass.

When you get to the overpass, there will be a road to the left.

Follow this road to a staircase overlooking the bus terminal.

Pick off some of the swat officers.

When a few of them are dead, run down the stairs.

At the bottom of stairs, go to the left.

As you run down this street more swat officers appear.

When the swat officers are dead, run to the van to make your escape.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of mission 10.