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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Exchange

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Turn to the left and follow the path to the pagoda.

Enter the pagoda. Then pick up the phone.

You need to target the two snipers for Lynch. One is to the right as you come out of the pagoda.

The other is to the left and across from the first sniper.

After the snipers are dead make your way back to the stairs. Kane will run in to a bunch of yakuza.

After crossing the bridge, a sniper will come down to the second landing of the stairs.

Continue to the stairs taking out the yakuza on the way.

Climb the stairs once you get to them.

Once on the overpass, kill the cops.

A van load of cops will pull up. You can kill them or you can jump in your van and escape.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of Mission 6.