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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough The Mizuki

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After the search move forward and make your way to the office in the back of the club. Go up the short set of stairs to the left.

Go forward and turn left at the corner.

Go forward to the next corner and then head left past the bar.

In front of the bar, will be an opening.

Through the opening and to the right will be stairs.

Climb up the stairs.

Melee the guard at the top of the stairs.

Pickup the gun he dropped. Go through the doors.

Run up to one of the guards and melee him. Lynch will do the same to the other guard.

Enter the office. A cut scene will begin. Shoot the guard. He will be behind you, up on the ledge.

Tell Lynch to wait in the office by pressing the O button. Exit the office and start killing the guards that come up the stairs.

Go downstairs and make for the bar. It will be to the left of the stairs.

There will be some more guards here.

To the left of the bar will be stairs up. On the second floor, to the right of the stairs will be two guards.

To the right of the stairs from the first floor is stairs up to the third floor. Have Lynch wait on the landing.

Go up to the third floor. Clear out the third floor of guards.

When you find the fire exit have Lynch regroup with you.

Open the door. Follow hallway to the door to the roof.

Open the roof door and a cut scene will begin. Go out on to the roof.

Climb the stairs, and then run down the other set of stairs.

You will be above Yoko's office. Kill the guards in her office.

Jump down in to Yoko's office. Knock Yoko out again.

Make Lynch wait in the office. Move back to the bar killing every guards on your way.

Go to the stairs to the left of the bar. Have Lynch move to there and wait.

Go up to the second floor and clear it out. Then go up to the third floor and clear it out as well.

Head back to the fire exit and regroup with Lynch. Then walk back out on the roof.

Kill the anything that fires a gun at you. Then head past Yoko's office and climb the stairs.

At the top of the stairs have Lynch hide behind an air conditioner. Some guards will come down stairs in the background and run across the skylights.

Cross over the first two skylights and kill a guard up and to the left.

Now cross the rest of the skylights. Have Lynch come to you.

Once Lynch gets to you, climb up the stairs.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of mission 5.